Have you ever considered location scouting for your next film, commercial, video, photoshoot, video or wedding right from home? Location Almanac offers this option in the easiest way possible. Book your next filming location today!

Locations for films and TV

Buildings, houses, hotels rental for FIlm and TV shooting

Location for films and TV scouting is finding real places to serve as the fictional locations described in a film’s screenplay. In filmmaking, the right location supports the narrative and helps to create a believable world.

Location for film
film location
Location for filming
filming location

Locations for production of Commercials

Do you require a location property for on online commercial

Many of the best commercials are made against domestic backdrops. Others are created in visual effects studios. But sometimes agencies and producers need to film in international locations to achieve the desired creative effect on behalf of their clients.

Commercial production location
location for commercials
location for production of commercials

Locations for photo shooting and Videos

Unique, luxury villas with pools can be the ideal location for your photo shooting and videos

To conduct a photo shooting can often feel daunting for photographers and productions. There are endless decisions to make, from picking a concept, selecting the equipment to choosing the best location

Location for photo shooting
Location for video shooting
Video shooting location
Photo shooting location
Photo Video shooting location

Locations for Weddings and Events

Find your perfect wedding location without any the stress.

Few occasions are celebrated as elegantly and joyfully as a wedding. Choose a location for wedding from luxurious ballroom receptions to intimate vineyards. Our offer brings unlimited opportunities to create the wedding day you’ve always imagined

Location for wedding
Locations for weddings
Wedding location