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    Castello di Spessa

    We are a sunset over the hills and a glass of good wine. We are that special moment you don’t want to forget. We are Castello di Spessa, and romanticism is in our nature.

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    Letališče Lesce Bled

    The aviation activity in this area began in first world war when it was used as an auxiliary airfield of the Austro-Hungarian Air Force during the Isonzo front. It was then used as the auxiliary German airfield during the second world war, but the airfield was plagued by the frequent Read more [...]

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    Letališče Maribor

    Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport (Slovene: Letališče Edvarda Rusjana Maribor) (IATA: MBX, ICAO: LJMB) is an international airport in Maribor, Slovenia. The second biggest and second most important Slovenian airport, it is the only other airport besides the airport in Ljubljana suitable for international commercial aviation, equipped with ILS. In 2008 Read more [...]

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    Dvorec Zemono

    The beautiful vista of the upper Vipava Valley lent its name to the Belvedere Manor House (also called Zemono Manor House) which is perched on a wine-growing hill in the village Zemono near Vipava. The history of the manor remains shrouded in mystery. Presumably it was built to function as Read more [...]

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    Stara Tovarna TAM

    Industrial production at the Maribor TAM facility dates back to the year 1941, when the initial factory was set up in order to manufacture components for aircraft. Following the end of WW2, the brand TAM was established in order to give a unified market appearance for various automotive products produced Read more [...]

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    Moto Steza Lindauring, Slovenija

    The Lindauring motorcycle race track is perfect for all motorcycle enthusiasts, training and further education for young motorcycle racers as well as amateur and professional racers. There is also a speedway and a motocross track in the immediate vicinity. The whole area is surrounded by meadows and a forest.